Room Improvements

29/02/2020 17:44 Written by Shadow_X

Dear Passengers and Crew


We feel that chat really needs to embrace everyone and although we did have Gentlemans Club it was limited in its appeal.  This how now been replaced with LGBT Plus which can be found on the adult deck.  


To enable those of you that wish to chat with no restrictions (as long as it's legal) we have created No Hold's Barred room on the Adult deck, there are no restrictions in here for diamond users and you will see everything without any filters.  If you don't have a diamond you can still swear and say what you wish  but the chats filter will remain intact.


Over the years people have asked for less restrictions, as we do not  have any kids here.  We didn't feel it was right to change the rules in all rooms, after all we cater for everyone, including those that don't like a free for all. 


On chat we believe that its important to listen to what you want, and we make changes as and when the demand is there.  We hope you enjoy the two new rooms and continue to enjoy your time on chat.


Your friendly Navigator Team

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